Power of Your Mind and Thoughts

Your Belief System

What is the definition of a belief system?

Psychologists believe that belief systems are comprised of experiences we have had since the day we were born. As human beings, we need to make sense of our world and categorize our experiences and make generalizations about them. We can then form mental structures around these experiences and put them into some kind of context. When a similar situation arises, we can draw from our bank from experiences and apply the conclusions and “beliefs” that we came up with.


Where does your belief system come from?

From the time we are born, we are constantly interacting with our world, with other humans, being our parents, siblings, friends, teachers, adults, and peers. We are placed in situations and environments that require us to constantly make judgments, decisions, draw conclusions, adapt to your surroundings—in other words, survive. How we deal with these situations, even at an unconscious level, will start to form out belief system. What our parents, teachers, church leaders and religious doctrines, in short, persons or institutions in power, the zeitgeist of the culture, what’s being pumped through the TV, radio, media, all affect how your formulate your reality and the expectations that you have or reactions to situations. All these things thrown together make your own belief system.


How does your belief system affect your daily life?

Your belief system influences your day-to-day life in the way that you perceive or make your own reality. Your fears, worries, expectations, problem-solving abilities all come down to your belief system and what you think will happen within a context of a situation.


How does your belief system influence your decision making?

Often times when confronted with important decisions, people will feel paralyzed with fear or worry. Fretting about uncertainty or lack of direction is usually based on paradigms or mental thoughts, habits, or ideas that have been ingrained in our subconscious but may have no basis in reality or truth.


How does your belief system influence your future?

If your belief system is based on restrictions, fears, doubts, or limitations, your future outlook will not be promising since you are basing your goals, dreams, and hopes on patterns of the past.


How can you break free of your belief system?

Be simply creating a new set of beliefs. It’s as simple as that. When limiting thoughts come in your mind—thoughts that paralyze you or stop you from being your best self—when your mind tells you that you can’t do something, ask yourself why?? Where is this written that this is impossible for me? Why can’t I break out of this mold? Who says I can’t do this? Is this what I believe or is this what my mother, father, sister, brother, clergy, society, friends, culture believe? When you start questioning and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you will start breaking free of the old belief system and start creating a new set of “beliefs” that guide your life to a new, better, and freer you.