Power of Your Mind and Thoughts

When You’re Feeling Discouraged

Look Up and Turn Inward For Motivation When You Are Feeling Discouraged


When you are not feeling motivated, it is usually because of a combination of factors. People can usually let one or two things go and redirect themselves so that they can stay positive, focused and busy. Of course, some people are more prone to procrastination than others, and all kinds of life events, emotions and different things can be discouraging rather than encouraging.


Listen, there are all kinds of different ways to stay motivated. We will get to some of the micromanaging in just a moment. First, everyone, including myself, needs to hear this right now. The way to stay encouraged and motivated is to change yourself. Now you might be saying that self development is just that so what’s so special about the statement just made?


Even when people focus on self development, they often take an outward approach. Plus, outward circumstances do influence our motivation and whether or not we feel encouraged or discouraged. What I’m telling you to do is first forget all of that. Turn inward and work on yourself. In my opinion, that is your spiritual self, and it is God who helps you with that. It is the strength of who you are on the inside first that is going to reflect who you are on the outside in spite of your external circumstances.


It’s like this. So many people are missing the bigger picture on the inside and only focusing on micromanaging their emotional responses to external circumstances and staying encouraged and motivated. How is that any way to live? Let me tell you, whoever thinks they are all that and a bag of biscuits is going to have a difficult time staying on point without the right submission on the inside.


Folks, life is all about sacrifice. If you put in the spirit, the heart, the will, the time, the effort and your all into life, you reap what you sow. Of course there are all kinds of distractions, addictions and more, and people make mistakes. No one is perfect, but that is exactly why no one should think that they can do it all. That includes staying encouraged and motivated all the time.


Yes there are little tips you can pick up on like exercise in the morning and feel more prepared, energetic, happy and ready for the day. However, if you don’t have all the necessary building blocks in place that I described above, you will be spinning your wheels. One way to look at it is that without the right tools inside, confusion and disorder can set in. You can micromanage everything with little tips and tricks to stay motivated, but check back in with yourself in a week and see how things are going. You will look back on a week of ups and downs, which is life, but you won’t be able to put it in perspective. Plus, you can be motivated all you want to, but you also have to make sure that your motivations are in the right place.