Power of Your Mind and Thoughts

The Power of the Mind

Your Mind is Your Most Powerful Tool

The mind is the most powerful thing you possess.  It is the instruments that shapes you and forms your thoughts, guides your instinct, and propels you forward or pushes your backwards.  There are a number of reasons that the mind is a powerful tool. It is the type of tool that can either be used to create a life of abundance, or one that makes you a prisoner to it. Because of this, you need to learn a few things that you should keep in mind, in order to make the most out of your mental capability. Handling these tips below will allow you to get all that you need out of your mind power, in order to use it to the best of your ability.


How Your Mind Affects your Beliefs:

Every journey begins with one step, and there’s a reason variations of that saying are so popular: because it’s true whether talking about a literal adventure or starting the journey of mental, emotional, or personal growth breakthroughs. However, this saying does overlook one really important point: the capacity to believe. Taking the first step is crucial but if you don’t believe you can make the full journey then you will not have the faith to see it through. Without belief there can be no faith.


Capacity For Belief = Strength Of Faith

There’s an old saying that faith is belief in things unseen. This really nails it on the head when it comes to personal growth and development. Whether you practice meditation, have a picture that represents the future you want, or can simply take a few moments to daydream: you need to have something you can see if you want to move forward to self-improvement in all of its potential forms.


A lack of belief means that your faith in yourself, in the process, in the end goal, just isn’t going to be able to be that strong. Belief is a necessary building block to take that next step to faith and without faith, no one is ever going to stick with the long term work and effort it takes to work through the many roadblocks that will always come up.


How To Get More Faith

The key to getting more faith in yourself, in your goals & dreams, in the process to get you there, is to build the habits of belief. There are a few ways anyone can do this. The first is to practice things like lucid dreaming or meditation. Practice seeing yourself in your ideal world. Envision yourself in your dream life. If you’re not 100% sure what your dream life is, try different things. The mansion with plenty of material goods. The beach with a laptop. An isolated hiking trail without having to worry about money. The penthouse in Vegas. Keep practicing seeing yourself in these realities until one really hits home and repeat that one.


The second step is to create morning and evening rituals. These work best if they are done immediately after waking up and immediately before going to bed. Look yourself in the mirror, make eye contact, and repeat in the present tense that you can do it, you are doing it. You are working to your dream, you are accomplishing your dream, you are building yourself into Superman/Wonder Woman. You are building the foundation. At first this will seem ridiculous but by repeating it with conviction over and over again you will slowly condition yourself to at least believe it might be possible.


Over time that shifts from “might be possible” to “is possible” and then shifts again to believing it. When there is a lot more belief and a lot more focus, you can build the habits like those daily rituals to keep piling on and next thing you know you have more belief and more faith – and that’s how you get to making your dreams come true.


#1: Change Your Diet


No matter how much work you do to benefit your mental functioning capability, it will always be undermined by a poor diet. If you’re not getting enough calories per day, or eating foods that are not healthy, you will spiral into poor mental function, depression and general malaise. Because of this, ditch the processed, fried and artificial junk foods and begin living a life with healthy and fresh foods. Begin shopping at the grocery store instead of getting all of your meals by eating out. You will experience phenomenal benefits to your mental health which will carry over into your overall life.


#2: Get Plenty of Exercise


Another great tip to keep in mind is to move your body every single day. The more you move around and exercise, the better you will be able to allow your brain to work for you. The mind and body are linked, so you should live a life that allows you to be mentally sharp and free, and this can begin with working out 4 to 5 times per week. This can be a huge difference maker for you, no matter who you are.


#3: Drink A Gallon of Water Per Day


Finally, it cannot be overstated how important water is to this equation. You need to be sure that you are drinking plenty of water every single day. You owe it to yourself to drink a gallon of water daily, because this will revitalize your cells and allow you the freedom to think clearly and with focus. Your brain has layers of fluid that allow it to function, so you need to keep this fluid plentiful by restocking and replenishing your body with the water that it needs. Make hydration a life positive habit and apply it every single day of your life.


Tackle these tips to the best of your ability, so that you can truly capitalize on the potential of your mind. Your life will be better and your mind will be sharper as a whole. These tips give you a clear means of keeping your mind at its best, so that you are able to truly live up to your full potential. If this is something that you are interested in, apply these principles and allow them to work in your life, for the betterment of your mind as a whole.