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Motivation for Daily Living

Motivation. What is motivation and how can you become motivated to achieve your goals and dreams, to succeed in whatever area of your life you desire? The concept of motivation has been studied by cognitive psychologists, motivation theorists, educators, cultural leaders, and more. Since motivation guides behavior, it directs your reasons for your desires, wants, and needs.

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Your motivation will influence your behavior, which in turn drives your performance. This performance impacts your thoughts, and our thoughts inspire your motivation. This is a cycle that can either propel you to get up and act on your goals and desires or paralyze you with stagnation and defeat.

If you think of your mind at the conscious and the subconscious levels, you will find that at the subconscious level you have attitudes, beliefs, intentions, and motives. These were ingrained in you from the time of birth. These attitudes, beliefs, intentions, desires,and motives were learned from your family members, your teachers, friends, and society at large. Bob Proctor, calls these paradigms or habits. These habits affect your experiences at the physical level and the results impact your subconscious mind and the cycle begins again.

Your motivation is tied to your emotions. Emotions stem from your subconscious state of mind or vibrational state. Your emotions are based on your perception of reality and thus affects your motivation to push forward and work toward a goal or give up in defeat.

Motivation as the desire to get up and do something is key in setting goals and attaining those goals. Motivation and inspiration are very close concepts and together they can make the difference to help you make a conscious decision to change your thoughts, change your habits, and achieve success.