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Letting go of Anger

Letting Go of Anger For A Happier Life


Do you notice yourself getting angry often? Do you have a lot of negative thoughts that ruin most of your day? If you are experiencing these situations in your life, it is now time to face the truth that you are letting anger eat you out which keeps you from moving forward in various aspects of your life.


The negativity brought by always being angry prevents you from reaching your life’s full potential. And just imagine how much time, opportunities, and chances are slipping away from your hands by letting anger control you. But it is never too late to let go of this negativity and turn things around. No matter what caused you to have this feeling, you are always bigger than it and you can fight back by following simple and easy steps to start a positive lifestyle again.


Step 1: Swap Negative Thoughts For Positive Ones


Every individual has reasons why they are angry. These negative thoughts and experiences are sometimes too heavy which result in you getting angry all the time. But one of the bravest ways to face these feelings is to never approach them at all by thinking of fonder and happier memories or thoughts. It can be your favorite song, your happy place, or a music video that just cheers you up.


Step 2: Letting Out Your Anger In Cliché Ways


It can be hard to believe that the cliché advice you’ll find on magazines, blogs or TVs can work, but they do. Examples of these cliché routines that you can do if you find yourself getting angry again are screaming onto a pillow to release your emotions, writing a letter why you are angry at a person (but don’t send it), and exercising to let adrenaline control your body. These cliché tips may sound ridiculous, but they are absolutely worth a try.


Step 3: Hangout With A Positive Crowd


If you are constantly angry or negative, the reason for this might be because of the people surrounding you. Thinking that you are stuck with individuals who doesn’t care about you or pulls you down most of the time causes negative feelings and anger to build up. It takes a big leap of faith to turn away from these negative people and surround yourself with the ones who will uplift you emotionally, respect you and positively influence you.


Step 4: Care For Yourself


Taking care of yourself also means that you are not afraid to show people how you feel and stop holding back your feelings. Although holding back your anger at certain situations is the best thing to do, there is also nothing wrong with expressing your feelings in a non-violent way like avoiding someone because of your anger. Being angry doesn’t mean you are a bad person, it only means that you have feelings and therefore human.

Step 5: Making Your Decision


Most of the time, you’ll get angry because you want to seek justice for an offense made by other people against you. You want to get the revenge that will satisfy the anger that you are feeling. But you must also remember that the world is already full of hate and negativity, and the decision is yours if you want to count yourself in.


Happiness and anger are two choices that you can take in life. It is difficult to face negative situations but if you really want to be a good person, letting go is a choice you’ll have to make every day.