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How to Work in a Team

A Guide To Help You Work With A Team


If you’re part of a team, you need to know how to do your part and then some. Waiting until you’re told to do something is not always the best course of action. Make yourself a more valuable team member by working through this information.


The task at hand is important to get familiar with before working on it. Did your boss give you team a plan of action or is it up to everyone to get it done without too much help? Before you can work on something like a big project, you have to work with the rest of the team to come up with a plan for each person. Identify what has to be done and who would be the best for each task. At first this can be hard if it’s a new team, but as time goes on it’ll be easy to know who can do what.


Teams are only as good as the weakest person on them. If someone is having a hard time working on the task, it’s up to others to guide that person in the right direction. When you aren’t sure of what to do, you can’t be afraid to ask someone else. Even if you have to ask your boss because nobody on your team knows, it’s okay. Eventually you’ll get the hang of it if you find out what the steps are to take, but if you never ask for help you’ll just be dragging everyone else down.


There are always going to be people that just don’t work well in certain situations. If it would be better for someone to go do something else or work with others, then don’t be afraid of addressing this. For instance, if someone is making a lot of mistakes or distracting everyone else, it’s time to find a solution. Maybe they need to just be transferred to another group. Or, if they are not taking the job seriously for whatever reason it may be time to bring that up with your boss so they can deal with it.


Try to switch up who does what if you have daily tasks that are fairly similar to do for a long time. That way, if someone else can’t show up, another teammate can do their work too. Sometimes it’s easiest to just get another person on the team, but at other times it makes more sense for everyone to do a little extra. Think about how much time it will take whichever way to go about the task and then go with what makes the most sense in your situation. There are always going to be problems in life that you and others have to face so it’s good for the team to prepare for that.


Getting familiar with how to work in a team can make you a much better employee. It can be easy to just let things happen as they may, but that makes you a lot more difficult to work with. Once you find your groove in a team, you all will benefit together.