Finding Like-Minded People

Finding People Who Are Like You Will Keep You Motivated


You can find like-minded people that can keep you motivated. They have to be good influences and need to have goals in mind, too. Get to know where to find people like you and whether or not they’re going to help you to improve by reading on.


Online there are a lot of forums where you can talk about anything under the sun. From collecting baseball cards to talking about aquariums, there are communities that are built around everything. These are a great place to find others that are just like you because people that have the same hobbies are great to learn from. Before you sign up to use a forum, make sure it’s active by looking around on it. Look at the rules, too, because you don’t want to get banned right when you sign up or do something that gets your posts deleted.


See if your local libraries, community colleges, or event centers have some kind of get together planned in the future for people like you. There may be a book club you can join, a church type of group, or other events where you can meet up with people that have tastes that are similar to you. Meeting people this way is nice, but make sure that you don’t just let someone into your life without talking to them for a while first. Making friends is a good thing but if you make one too fast you may be letting someone into your life that isn’t good to have around.


Motivation is usually something that comes naturally when you are doing something you enjoy. If you are not feeling motivated about what you are doing in life, then chances are that you’re going down a path that isn’t the right one. Your goal should be to love waking up and getting to the tasks you have planned out for your days. If you have friends that try to motivate you, that can get you through days that are a little tough due to you feeling depressed or having a hard time for other reasons.


When you just can’t get motivated, even with the help of others, it may be a mental issue of some kind. People with anxiety, for instance, spend a lot of time worrying instead of working on what they need to do. Those with depression will not be able to get motivated because they won’t feel like doing much at all. It’s important that if you feel this way, even if you know you love doing something, then it’s probably time to speak to someone about it. Just seeing a therapist can help you get on a better path, or you can try working through self help books related to the issue you’re having.


A lot of people are out there are on the same path you are on. Finding like-minded people who will keep you motivated is fairly easy, as you can now see. You tend to attract what you need in life when you put yourself out there.