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Dealing with Loss

Advice for Dealing with Loss


Therapists often see people who are overwhelmed by the loss of a loved one and who simply can’t move on. If you’re in such a situation, you probably don’t see the grief dissipating any time soon. Grieving is a normal part of overcoming loss but there are a few other essentials to keep in mind. Here’s how to take care of yourself during such a challenging period.


Express Your Feelings

Bottling up all of the feelings that you’re dealing with and keeping them inside is one of the worst ways to cope with loss.


It’s imperative to find an outlet, even if you worry that your emotions may have a negative impact on the people that you love. You can always talk to a friend or a therapist. There are support groups for people like you, as well.


Expressing your emotions will often help you come to terms with the loss and get started with the process of healing.


Take Care of Yourself

In challenging situations, most of us forget about the importance of taking good care of oneself.


Loss impacts people in emotional and physiological ways. It can have a profound negative effect on the human body – from insomnia to high blood pressure and even weight gain/weight loss. While taking care of yourself may be the last thing you want to do, it’s even more important during such moments.


Fresh food, a warm bath in the evening, light exercise and going out can all help your body feel better. Learning to nurture yourself may seem selfish at first but it will actually give you the tools required to take care of others, as well.


Spend Time with the People You Love

When dealing with loss, you should surround yourself with the people that you love the moss.


Whether you’ve lost a loved one, your house to a fire or anything else that you deem important, you should surround yourself with people who believe in you. These people will help you remember that there’s a lot to be appreciative of.


If you need a day or two to clear your mind and isolate yourself, you should definitely do so. Don’t let the isolation become prolonged, however. Chances are that going over happy memories and having someone to talk to will bring you to your feet much faster.


Stick to Your Daily Routine

This may seem incredibly difficult at first but sticking to your daily routine can actually take your mind away from the loss.


Attempt to go to work, maintain your personal relationships and move on with life. Keep yourself occupied. The more free time you have, the darker your thoughts are going to get. Many people sense this instinctively, which is why they bury themselves in work when attempting to cope with loss.


The simple things and habits in your life will help you move on eventually. They create a sense of normalcy when your world is falling apart. Even attempting to do a few basic things like walking the dog and tidying up your house can help.


Finally, remember there’s no timeframe for coping with loss. Take as much time as you need to grieve and heal. You can’t force yourself to feel better sooner. Let events unfold in a natural manner without forcing yourself to accomplish anything within a specific timeframe.