Finding Motivation

Daily Affirmations for Motivation

Daily affirmations are important to change your subconscious mind’s beliefs about yourself. Affirmations are thoughts that have the power to change your life.  Thoughts are seeds that bring the unseen to reality.  The seeds you plant in your mind today will be the flowers or weeds of tomorrow.  Your daily affirmations will heal your mind, your body, and your spirit and begin to change the way you see yourself and the way you see the world.  Positive affirmations will create a new reality for you, for once your thoughts become real in your mind they will manifest in your outer world.

daily affirmations to find motivation today
Your daily affirmations begin to change your subconscious mind, helping you to focus on the positive aspects that will lead you to succeed and achieve your goals.

Through the repetition of daily affirmations you begin to change your world.

The importance of daily affirmations

Daily affirmations are repeated sayings we tell ourselves each day to change our belief system and negative thought patterns.  Daily affirmations are necessary for mindfulness and self-motivation.  We must practice saying daily affirmations.

When you begin the practice of saying daily inspirational and motivational truths, you may find that you don’t really believe what you are saying to yourself.  But you must develop this practice and continue your daily affirmation routine.  Keep repeating positive statements to yourself: whether or not they are true, whether or not you believe them at the moment, or whether you understand the words.

Once you realize that your innermost thoughts and beliefs–in other words, your subconscious mind–control your outward thoughts, your mind, and ultimately form your self-image, self-perception, and manifest your physical reality, your thoughts become powerful spiritual forces to heal, to empower, and to uplift you in a miraculous manner.

You will notice your state of mind start to change; the way you look at circumstances will improve, and your reaction to others will tempered with the knowledge that negativity will only affect you.

Daily affirmations are a powerful tool for self-awareness, self-actualization, and transcendence.

Below are simple daily affirmations you can say to yourself.

I am loved.

I am beautiful inside and out.

I am wonderfully created.

I am worthy or receiving the blessings of life.

I deserve good things in life.

I am grateful for the abundance that is coming my way.

I make healthy choices.

I am a powerful person.

I have a positive attitude.

I have the power to choose my destiny.

I will live my life with intention.