The Power of Friends

The Importance of Having Friends When we are children we know how valuable our relationships with others are.  We make friends easily, for the most part, and always want to be around our friends.  We actually prefer our friends over our family.  But as we grow into adulthood, life gets in the way and so our… Read More The Power of Friends


When Friendships End

The end of a friendship, like the end of most things, can be a deeply troubling event in our lives.  Depending on how the friendship dissolved, whether it ended in an abrupt explosive fight or whether the relationship just fizzled out and you grew apart, the death of friendships may be confusing, hurtful, and devastating. … Read More When Friendships End

Staying Healthy

Motivation to Exercise

How to get yourself motivated to exercise We all know how important it is to exercise regularly. The benefits of exercise have been touted from the medical establishment, fitness experts, mental health professionals, your mother, and your cat. Getting regular exercise lowers stress levels, strengthens your heart, tones muscles, and gives you that overall good… Read More Motivation to Exercise