Become A Certified Life Coach

life coach certificationAre you the kind of person that wants to do something meaningful with your life? Is helping others find their way something that brings fulfillment to your spirit? Motivating others to find their best self and live up to their full potential is a rewarding career and is becoming more and more in demand in these stressful times we live in.

Becoming a certified life coach takes commitment and determination.  It is not for everyone since people who become life coaches do it out of a genuine desire to help their fellow human beings.  But how rewarding, knowing that what you do makes a difference!

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A life coach is not someone who acts as a therapist or offers psychological advice; a life coach is someone who helps another person with self-discovery, setting goals and sticking to those goals, and taking ownership of their life.  A life coach is simply someone who is there to make the other person accountable and to guide him or her along the way.

Life coaching is in high demand and not all certification programs are created equal.  This program here is designed by world famous coach, Dr. Joe Rubino.  Dr. Rubino has reached millions of people over the past 20 years and his best-selling books and is an expert on elevating self-esteem.  In this course, Dr. Rubino has assembled a course that’s affordable, but life-changing, so that you too can become a life coach and make a lucrative income doing something you love.